Trailer Brake Testing.

Here at Thorncliffs we recently decided to contact BAGMA regarding their trailer brake testing course which we had heard good things about. We had been approached by some customers to get us to provide this service for their fleets of agricultural trailers. It is something which has long been overlooked in agriculture but is now coming to the fore front of the industry with regards to increasing safety on farm.

There are a number of different approaches to trailer testing such as the Tilly trailer scheme however after careful consideration we decided BAGMA was the way for us because of the focus on the practical testing element. ​

The course was led by Dr Andy Scarlett who is an expert on agricultural trailer brake testing.

The day started off in the classroom and this section was used to delve into the legislation around the trailer brake testing, then after lunch the practical aspects were put into action. The test is done with a laden trailer to give the most accurate reading and to test the brakes with a real-life load which will show up any potential problems and safety issues.

The brakes are not the only thing tested, the whole trailer is checked that it is up to specification and safe to be used. This is a very important aspect of the course as we see real benefit in performing a test which checks all parts of the trailer, from the wheel nuts, drawbar, chassis and beyond.

Thorncliffs are now proud to offer brake testing as part of our portfolio. We can offer both air and hydraulic testing for all types of agricultural trailers and trailed machinery including sprayers and spreaders.

If you are in the Lincolnshire area and would like a quote to check your trailers please get in touch today.