The Thorncliffs Mission.

We are aiming to provide a modern solution to customers for the purchase of quality used machinery that they can rely on for many years.

We feel that a customer focused, sales led business which is going to appeal to the modern professional farmer, contractor and machine purchaser must be focused, lean, nimble, knowledgeable, reactive and capable.

We also believe that frequency of exposure is the key to building excellence in a business. This is why to date we have predominantly focused on JCB agricultural products. We have a clear plan to work with a couple of key brands, concentrating on tractor and telehandlers which we feel would complement our current offering and strengthen our business in the right direction. We are a business which embraces technology, especially if it improves our service to our customers and allows us to be more efficient.

Thorncliffs is proud of its relationships with its employees, customers and suppliers and aims to create long term sustainable relationships with all through mutual respect. Although our focus has predominantly been to the agricultural sector we feel the values we hold are transferable to other sectors and as we move forward there will be an increased focus on adjacent sectors which require a similar service.

We believe there will always be competition in any market. Thorncliffs mission is to set itself apart by offering a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to all types of machinery purchase. We offer the same bespoke service to any customer who purchases from us and our goal is to listen and prepare machinery to their needs and not their perceived needs. Customers have different pressure points within their business and we need to be adaptable to what they require.