At Thorncliffs we are always looking at ways to make machinery better and safer.

Have a look at this lighting package we have just developed. Although fitted to a Loadall this can be adapted to any machine needed.

There are three different lighting options.

1)Cab and step light turned on from an app on your phone.

We are really excited about this one. Long has it annoyed us here at Thorncliffs that cab lights are quite poor, so we developed this to help! Using ultra bright LEDS and a working range of 30 metres you just give the app a tap and on come the lights. Works on both iphone and Android. Here you can see 2 X LED lights fitted in the cab as well as a single LED light on the step to aid you getting in, or having to get to the battery to jump start another machine! You can control the brightness on the app so you dont have to put your sunglasses on everytime you use it. It can also come in a range of different colours, say red if you are getting in the christmas spirit.

This can be made to work off a cab door switch for the non- smart phone user.

2)Under bonnet lights that come on when you lift the bonnet and turn off when you put it down.Allowing you to easily check your water and oil on those cold dark mornings. 

There are 3 LEDS fitted to the bonnet that shine over the whole engine area. We have also now developed a 4th LED which shines on to the radiators at the front so you cant grab any debris wedged in the radiator before setting off. It works really well on a JCB Loadall as the engine oil, transmission oil and engine water are all in the engine bay, easily accessible allowing a quick check and then you can get on with the real work. 

3) Courtesy lights, which leave the headlights on for a set time after turning the ignition off. The timer can be set from 30 seconds to 10 minutes the choice is yours.

Modern cars now have these, why shouldn't all farm machinery. This system allows you to turn off the machine, remove the key, grab your sandwich bag, isolate the machine and walk to the house/car without tripping over and damaging yourself. Whats not to like? Can be set for individual taste... or length of driveway. The lights then turn themselves off hopefully just as you step inside.

Get in contact if you would like to enquire about these lighting options. Reasonably priced, expertly fitted.