Loadall Hydraulic Pin Locking Upgrade.

​Many construction machines come with manual pin locking as standard. This means the operator has to get out the cab and manually move a lever over to lock in an attachment. On many sites now this is unacceptable as they believe it is safer if the operator stays in their cab at all times.

On all agricultural models this is now standard and has been for many years. This is because of the need to quickly change attachments to go from say picking up bales using a bale grab to forks for moving pallets, or a bucket for moving feed.

The hydraulic pin locking can be operated form the cab allowing easy changing between different attachments. This is far faster and in some cases safer than a manual type system. The pin-locking hydraulics are taken from the aux couplings at the front of the machine, however a t-piece is used so that aux couplings can still be used independently.

The manual lever systems can be upgraded to a hydraulic operated one through purchasing of a kit which uses existing parts and adds the necessary hydraulic ram and pipes etc to achieve a cab operated latching system. The kit also has a quarter turn isolating valve which enables the hydraulic locking to be isolated and allow full functionality of aux couplings for an attachment such as a muck-grab.

The kit can be purchased directly from us and sent by post to be fitted on site or alternatively we can fit the kit on your machine, check fitment and operation. Get in contact for more details.