Thorncliffs Post Brexit Export Update.

On 1st January 2021 new rules came into force covering used machine exports from the UK into the European Union.

As used equipment exporters, Thorncliffs Limited are keen to maintain our well-established export connections, as well as continuing to forge new relationships in Europe after Brexit. Particularly as the EU has, for many years, been a key link in the UK’s agricultural equipment life cycle.

Despite wide ranging rumours and only limited information being available in the first weeks of 2021, by working with our trusted export partners, we have now developed a well-refined process that meets the stringent EU import requirements.

The initial confusion is caused by different machines require differing levels of cleanliness and certification for different territories. However the fog is now lifting and we have a clear indication of what is required.

Here Thorncliffs have the flexibility to offer our customers a tailored solution, from ex works collections through to a fully delivered service with customs clearance.

The additional steps in the process have added costs, however we have worked hard to keep these to a minimum and maintain our competitive pricing position.

Thorncliffs machines exported under the new rules have already started arriving with our customers across Europe, proving the success of the new export system.