The future is video calling...

Thorncliffs believe in a transparent way of selling, that why we offer video calling to all our customers. The modern world now runs on Zoom and Teams and we don’t think buying agricultural machinery should be any different. Video calling allows us to show we have the machine on site, show any defects which don’t come across in photos, explain the history of the machine and our business in a bit more depth. Since Covid we have found that a lot of customers do not see as much value in travelling across country to view a machine. They simply don’t have time. Customers want to buy from a reputable company who do what they say they will and send out a product that goes beyond the customers expectations. That’s why they choose Thorncliffs.

With so many scams and fraud cases on the internet it is vital that customers request to view the machine in real time. Real companies have no problem in doing this, fake companies using pictures from the internet of machines they don’t own have a problem here.

Video calling also offers the customer the chance to see who is selling the machine and see the premises, giving them more confidence in buying from a reputable company. Thorncliffs has even gone further and during the preparation process is willing to go round the machine and show exactly what we are doing and why.

The way we offer video calling is to set up an appointment time and then use either facetime or Whatsapp video to show the machine. Get in touch today to organise your call!