Construction Loadall Worklights Upgrade.

With the dark nights drawing in, site visibility is brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Especially on machines working early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Many construction machines do not come with worklights front and rear on the cab and the operator has to rely on the standard headlights to help them see the load and place it in the correct place. As not all sites are fully lighted it makes sense to have a better lighting system on the machine being operated.

Thorncliffs now offer the ability to fit a fully integrated system of worklights to construction machines. This system includes 2 worklights at the front and 2 pointing rearwards. The worklights are operated through the JCB cab switches with a blank removed and the right switch placed in. The standard JCB halogen oval lights can even be upgraded to the superior LED lights if requested.

The pictures show the placement of the worklights

Boom worklights can also be added if required to help if placing objects further away from the operator. These are especially handy on remote sites with poor lighting, and working around obstacles such as scaffolding.

All parts fitted within this kit are genuine JCB and integrate properly to avoid having to break into existing wires and cause problems later on.

The front and rear kit costs in the region of £600+VAT including all brackets, lights and wiring looms however please get in contact with your machine serial number to allow us to check compatibility and give more accurate pricing.