At Thorncliffs we pride ourselves on being able to source machinery from all over the world. As import specialists we consistently bring the best machinery to the UK for our customers.

Using our extensive network we can source the very best machinery from abroad, fully convert to UK specification within our own workshop, and get it registered legally for our customers to purchase.

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Our premium used machinery is available not only for British businesses, but also for our overseas customers. At Thorncliffs, we are committed to delivering the same quality machinery and unparalleled support to our clients in Europe, Australia and North America.

We have experience in export sales and we are available to help you with any enquiries you should have. We have a wealth of knowledge of export markets earned through many years of travelling the world selling and developing agricultural machinery.

Regardless of your location, your experience as a customer is vital to us, which is why we aim to provide you with all the advice and information you may need. We believe that our high degree of professionalism and understanding of businesses’ needs is as vital as our products.

Browse our website to discover the full portfolio of machinery we have available for your business. To find out more about our range of export services get in touch with Thorncliffs today by phone, at the number provided or through the enquiry form available on the page.

Transportation and shipping of your new asset can be a stressful experience if not handled correctly. This is why we have partnered with RV Agriship, a leading specialist in the International movement of agricultural machinery to provide a seamless transition to your chosen destination.

Whether by sea, air or road, they specialise in International multimodal transport. With over 50 years combined experience and an extensive contact list, RV Agriship can provide efficient, reliable, high quality freight transport, focusing on security, speed and safety.

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